Ultra Production

Vinyl Record pressing/cutting
company in Russia

«Ultra Production» forms part of «Multimedia Holding» - one of the largest radio corporations in Russia.
It has got unique production capacity and all professional equipment, necessary for complete production cycle of vinyl records creation.

Our company is proud of its highly-qualified engineers with many years of local and international practice in record-cutting industry.
«Ultra Production» has its own production facilities in Moscow, which makes transportation of record pressings easier.

«Ultra Production» collaborates with professional musicians and famous record labels, as well as it does with privatecollectors and music lovers.

  • Mastering
    We do the lacquer mastering for the pressed records
  • Record pressing
    Record pressing
    black, colored vinyl
  • Labels
    Printing of colored
    or black-and-white labels
  • Outer sleeve
    Printing of vinyl record
    outer sleeve
  • Inner sleeve
    Printing of vinyl record
    inner sleeve
  • Shrink wrapping

Technical requirements


To create your cover design, please use our templates (below).
We kindly ask you to review the technical requirements to the files you provide.

Download archived files


We cut from most digital formats (CD, DAT, MiniDisk) as well as ¼ inch and ½ inch analog tape, even from compact cassettes if necessary. Or you can just provide files.

Together with your masters please provide the track-list for each side of the record.
Remember, anything over 40 minutes causes audio quality loss and lower volume.For custom records we do not cut anything longer than 20-22 minutes a side. Please get 2 records if you have over 40 minutes of audio.

Formats of files

To achieve optimum results, provide high quality formats WAV or AIFF at least 16 bit 44.1 kHz or better.
Most preferable is 24 bit.

Sampling frequencies 48, 88.2, 96 kHz are also possible.

Please do not send us any compressed formats, such as MP3, OGG, Flacetc.

Preparation of files

You have to send us the final mix. Any sound effects (sound engineering on master section) should be turned off. We speak about different kinds of compressors, limiters, maximizers, equalizers, saturators. After you turn it all off, make sure the music is not clipped.Please don’t send us clipped music or music that sounds destructive to speakers.

Dithering, Noise shaping are not needed as well. Reserve the volume range as maximum as possible.It’s perfect if the absolute peak level is around -3dbFS.

If you need your album mastered, please name the files as follows: «01_Artist_Song». «01» — sequence number of the track on a record, «Artist_Song» - the name of the artist and the title of the song respectively.

Required information to be placed on a record cover
The back side of a record cover must contain the following information: the logo of «Ultra Production»

Download the logo

Order record pressing

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Bld. 39, korp.2 Narodnogo Opolcheniya Street, Moscow, 123060, Russia

ANDREY BELONOGOV +79161763184 belonogov@nashe.ru (CEO)

DARIA STARTSEVA +79162688677 d.lisitskaya@nashe.ru (ORDERING)

OFFICE +74959250449